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Top 10 Best and Famous Places in America to Visit and Travel

The United States of America is the land of enchanting beauty. Filled with eye captivating landscapes, this land attracts millions of tourists to its various vacation spots each year. The entire country consists of a sum of fifty-two states, which have diversified land-forms, from islands to forests and the big urban states there are tons of places that are worth visiting with breathtaking views.

1. Walt Disney World

The house of mouse also called the “Disney Land” is situated near Orlando in Florida. This place looks like a magical fairy-tale coming true. The big fancy castle surrounded by some Disney sculptures and art studios attract thousands of tourists. It is the most visited resort in the world since 1971. Now it is tenth most visited place in America. According to the figures, approximately 52 million people visit this resort each year.

2. San Deigo

This beautiful city is located on the coasts of Pacific Ocean and located in the state of California. It is famous for its amazing beaches. It is the ninth most famous & best American place to visit. Other than that there are several recreational places built for tourism like San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, Balboa national park, etc. San Diego receives about 32 million visitors annually. Bays of San Diego are also famous for sight-seeing of Grey whales and sports fishing.

3. New York City

New York is the fourth most populous city in America. Major attractions of this city are New York times square, Status of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Brooklyn Bridge among many other. The whole year, round the clock this city remains the hub of tourism in the whole Manhattan state. This city is also a global trade center of the country.

4. Honolulu

It is situated in the state of Hawaii; the beach front is marked by the Diamond Head where there are some skylines and resorts for the tourists. Due to its warm climate and sunny weather, the beach is perfect to spend the vacation. This beach is ideal for surfing. Therefore, some surfers hit the shores of Honolulu throughout the year.

5. Washington Dc

Washington, District of Columbia is not only the Capital of America but also a great attraction for tourists. It is considered as sixth most famous American place to visit. This city represents the heights of sophistication by its Architecture. Lincoln Memorial in Washington alone receives about six million visitors annually. Whereas the White House is the second most famous architecture in the whole US.

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